Moto-Terminators are automated motorcycles, produced by Skynet.


[Vision] Sensor

Network of sensors and scanners powered by solar energy and kinetic energy from kers system. Data and GPS is gathered and provides the driver with a series of information in the HUD.     


The brain of the system processes information from the sensors into the hud [vision] display.

Circuit Board Crawler

The Crawlers are minimal pathway trajectories embedded within the front cowl. They glow and constantly transfer information from the sensors to the Cerebro.


Charged with kinetic energy generated by the [kers] system as well as the thin film solar paint. Used as electrical power in [street mode ]. In [race mode] CPU releases charge from battery pack to provide extra horsepower.

Electric Motor

Permanent motor AC electric motor.

[ESP] Embedded Solar

Thin film solar panels are embedded within the front cowl. The gradient pattern is no only a design move but also maximising solar exposure. These panels act as a secondary source of power for the vision system and sensors.   


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