Assassin’s Creed


In September 2012, bartender Desmond Miles is kidnapped by Abstergo Industries, a pharmaceutical company, for use as a test subject in the Animus, a device that can read the memories of Desmond’s ancestors through the “genetic memory” left behind in their descendants’ DNA, then allow Desmond to simulate the experiences of his ancestors in a virtual reality environment.

Abstergo intends to put Desmond in the device to simulate the memories of a particular ancestor, Altaïr ibn La-Ahad, a member of a clan of Assassins, specifically Altaïr’s experiences during the year 1191 as part of the Third Crusade in the Holy Land. Desmond has trouble adjusting to the device, but eventually relives Altaïr’s exploits over the next several days. The game then primarily takes Altaïr’s point-of-view, with occasional swaps to Desmond when he exits the Animus.


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