X7A Modular Computer

Do you need heavy duty computing without the heavy lifting? Editing, rendering, or converting HD video? No problem. Engineering design analysis? Piece of cake. With a 2.8 GHz – 3.2 GHz quad-core processor, 64GB-1TB of superfast SSD-based storage, and gobs of high-bandwidth I/O ports, the X7A is one serious powerhouse.
In addition to its quad-core APU, the X7A also provides up to 384 discrete class programmable graphics cores. Unleash the swarm of cores in the X7A and witness the power of extreme multicore processing like never before.
For those who just can’t get enough pixels, the X7A also drives up to 3 independent displays (1 DisplayPort/HDMI combo port and 2 MiniDP ports) at screen resolutions of up to 4096×2160, allowing you to surround yourself in high-definition imagery and the world of immersive computer graphics with Xi3.
Workstations with these capabilities are typically power hogs, often consuming 400 Watts or more in normal use. The X7A consumes an average of 40 Watts, yielding 90% average energy savings. This dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO), making X7A one of the most ecofriendly and economical power-user computers on the planet.
Worried about keeping up with the latest network or video I/O standards? Want a faster processor with more memory as your applications grow in the future? Xi3’s tri-board architecture was designed with the future in mind. Each of the three boards can be upgraded as your needs change, ensuring your high performance years into the future.
  • Ultra high performance, low power, small form factor
  • Runs x86-based operating systems & software
  • 3.2GHz quad-core x86-based APU
  • Radeon 7000 series GPU w/384 programmable cores
  • Up to 1TB of SSD storage
  • Low energy use (40 Watts)
  • Triple monitor support: 2 Mini DP, 1 HDMI/DisplayPort combo
  • 12 I/O ports (four eSATAp III, four USB 3.0, and four USB 2.0)

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